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​Isobel is bred to Richard.

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Some colors can only be registered via mail or email to If you choose to email, you must upload front and back side of the filled out registration and two pictures of the dog, one front view & 1 side view.

Liver 123 - (e-mail/mail in)
Liver Tan 124 - (e-mail/mail in)
Liver Pepper 498 - (e-mail/mail in)
Black 007 - (register online AKC)
Black and Silver 016 - (register online AKC)
Wheaten 224 - (e-mail/mail in)
White 199 - (e-mail/mail in)
Salt and Pepper 167 - (Register online AKC)
Parti 038 - (First select base color and then markings Parti) (e-mail/mail in).

We were deemed California's top Miniature Schnauzer breeder for 2018 and given this award.

How cool is that? 

Sir. Frederick's PetSmart Commercial Has Finally Aired.
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Also, Sophie and Phyllis are on bags of Authority dog food in PetSmart!!


*All of our puppies now come spayed or neutered (unless breeding rights are being purchased to preserve bloodlines)

*No house visits are allowed until the puppies are at least six weeks old for the puppies safety.

*No dogs are allowed on my premises. Please do not bring them along on your visit to see my pups.

* If I don't have what you want, and you don't want to wait for one to be born, please let me know. I may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

*I require full payment by puppies 6th week of life.

* I have several shipping options if needed.

*All health guarantees will be null and void if the buyer does not register the microchip within 30 days of getting their puppy; we want our puppies found if they get lost. Please do not forget to register the chip and add the breeder as the alternate contact

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SoCal Schnauzers

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Breeding & Raising Therapy/Companion Schnauzers




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Isobel is be due in February

SoCal Schnauzers has become a cornerstone of the Miniature, Toy & TeaCup Schnauzer world. We have been breeding and raising Schnauzers for over five years now. We take great pride in our lines and treat every puppy like they're our own. An ultrasound is done on every female at 4 weeks of gestation to deterine if they are pregnant. Our parents are always on site and live in our home, not in kennels. All of our puppies come with a lifetime health guarantee if you keep your puppy on the same food and vitamin supplement that we have them on. Every puppy comes examened by my vet and altered at no extra cost to you. 

Schnauzer Breeders should only breed the best. Here at SoCal Schnauzers, we don't just breed for fun or to make money; we breed because we love these dogs and want the best possible quality therapy/companion dogs out there. Coming from only the purest and finest of bloodlines, we breed and train our Schnauzers to be the most amazing animals that they can be. With careful attention paid to the heritage, disposition, and health, of our dogs, we ensure the most excellent qualities are bred into our Miniature Schnauzer puppies.


Puppy Package

PetSmart Dod Food / Commercial

Schnauzers have captivated my heart, they are magnificent animals and have such fantastic temperaments. I treat my dogs like my children. I take pride in them, and it shows through my breeding program. We are a family-based business that allows us to socialize our miniature schnauzer puppies on a daily basis. All of our puppies are born and raised in our home and are watched over carefully by our family. I used to work for a Doctor at Palm Desert Pet Hospital for a few years. I learned a lot from them, so I am very educated in the field of animals. My entire career has been animal based, stating at 11 years old I began volunteering at shelters and stables. My first job was at a grooming salon as a bather; the lady taught me how to groom. My third job was at a vet hospital; you name it I have probably done it.If you put that all together, I have over 17 years of experience with animals. I love animals and take pride in what I do.  All of our puppies are meticulously taken care of by my family and me.

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I am Proud to Announce that we are part of AKC's bread with H.E.A.R.T. Program. We are required to do testing and are inspections every 1-2 years. We have many certificates for completing educational classes. Also, my vet inspected our facility and rated us in the top 5% for cleanliness, safety and overall how we run our business. 


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Our Pups Have Found

Homes Across the U.S. & More.

We Now Do Early Neurological Stimulations "Bio Sensor"

We now have Reds / Wheatens, Sables, Black & Rust, Liver & Rust and Platinum Silvers
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Certificates & Awards

Deposit Form

* We take all major credit cards through the Square Reader if you choose to do so. I will need to add 2.75% to your total when swiping, tapping, or dipping your card in person. When entering the card information manually, I will need to add 3.5% extra to your total. If sending an invoice 2.9% will be added.

* You can also deposit money into my bank account to save the extra charges from Square or you can send a money order, or cashiers check in my name.

*  I also accept Zelle, Apple Pay or Venmo

* I do accept PayPal but prefer not to use them.


Each and every one of our Schnauzer puppies start early neurological stimulation from 4-16 days old. Five benefits have been observed in canines that were exposed to the Bio Sensor stimulation exercises. Here’s what early neurological stimulation does for your puppy long term:

Improved cardiovascular performance (heart rate)
Stronger heart beats
Stronger adrenal glands
More tolerance to stress
Greater resistance to disease.

Please visit the puppy development page for more information.

Testing & Certification

 We have all of our DNA test results back for every dog we own! 

All of our dogs have been tested for any and all (Over 178 different genetic issues). The results are posted under each dogs name and picture for your convenience.

We still offer an extended health guarantee covering any genetic, hereditary, or congenital birth defects for the lifetime of your pet.