ALL dogs are born with different personalities. just like humans
(regardless of  gender)

There are “alpha" Males & Females
There are “submissive" Males & Females
There are “fun" Males & Females
There are “stubborn" Males & Females
There are “docile” Males & Females
There are “Rambunctious" Males & Females
There are “bashful” Males & Females
The smartest pup in the litter is sometimes the boy, other times it’s the girl. Etc..


  • Amazing Family Pets
  • Great with Kids
  • Wonderful with other dogs
  • Loyal, Loving, Snuggly
  • Joyful, Playful and Fun! 
  • Great Companion Dogs
  • Smart & Easier to Train Than Most Breeds
  • Best Breed I Have Ever Owned


Male Vs. Female Dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

So There is There Any Real Difference Between Males & Females?

No, if you fix the puppy at an early age then there is no difference between in gender. Most licensed veterinarians experienced breeders and, professional dog trainers will tell you that sex is irrelevant IF the puppy is spayed or neutered early. (before or around six months of age
before there first heat). 


Yes, there is a tremendous difference in a dogs behavior IF you DO NOT fix it. NOT because of “gender” but because of it’s natural instinct to breed. Studies have proven time and time again that dogs who are driven to breed act more like “pack animals” where dogs that are spayed and neutered early behave like “domesticated pets.” So you are doing your pet a HUGE favor by having it spayed and neutered early.

Studies Have Proven that Pets who are NOT Spayed or Neutered
tend to have some of these issues. 

  • Aggressive traits: such as nipping or biting children
  • Most dog bites are from unaltered pets
  • Possessive of food
  • Possessive of toys
  • Possessive of people
  • Dominance issues
  • Tendency to be destructive
  • Excessive Barking 
  • Digging
  • Climbing over fences - trying to escape or wandering off especially when in heat (Females), or when a female is in heat within a 2-mile radius of you (Males).
  • Lifting their leg to pee on everything also known as marking their territory. Female dogs mark their area as well they just don't raise there legs to do it.

Higher risk for health issues such as:

  • Mammary gland tumors
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Prostate disease

A USA Today (May 7, 2013) article cites that pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying/neutering also live the longest. According to the report, neutered male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered male dogs, and spayed female dogs live 23% longer than unspayed female dogs. The story goes on to add that in Mississippi, the lowest-ranking state for pet longevity, 44% of the dogs are not neutered or spayed. (Humane Society)

Why Are Unaltered Dogs More Difficult?

The simple fact is if you don't fix an animal at an early age their hormones take over and natural instincts kick in. If you wait for a male to be 12 months old to fix them, they will already begin to lift their legs and have the urge to want to mark their territory all over everything as pack animals do. Except, in this case, it would be all over the sides of furniture or posts, etc. They also begin to feel the urge to want to assert their dominance and become more aggressive/possessive over things; the females get the same way. It is natural in pack animals to assert their dominance to achieve a pecking order; this is why serious dog fights are much more common in unaltered animals.

Which Gender is Better?

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Truthfully, that is entirely a personal preference. If you research this topic, you will find conflicting answers, and that is because everyone has their own opinion.  A lot of families will say “I will only get a boy dog because they are great with kids and much more loving/affectionate.” But then, on the other hand, you will have just as many families stating the same about female dogs. 

In all honesty– both male and female dogs are equal.

 Everyone has a different preference, personal experience and a reason why they choose a specific gender.


I have been involved in the animal field since I was approximately ten years of age. Throughout my life, I have volunteered at several animal shelters/horse stables,  worked as a bather and graduated to a groomer. With this learned knowledge, I had the pleasure of opening my own grooming business. I went on to work in an animal hospital as a kennel cleanup employee where they taught me proper sanitation/cleaning methods on top of numerous things a vet tech does. Now I am a breeder and a full time at home mom of 5 children. I can tell you I am well knowledged in the field of animals, I have been around many breeds all different sizes, shapes, and genders and so far my conclusion on this matter is. 

Miniature, Toy & Teacup Schnauzers in general are