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Sarah's Puppies

This little guys owner is very ill and will most likely need to be hospitalized. :,-( She is very sad to let this little guy go but she has asked me to rehome him for her.  He is fully vaccinated, pee pad trained for indoors & fixed I do believe. He currently weighs 15 lb the things that will go with him to his new home will be his bed, a 6-piece portable playpen which you can convert into four pieces. A red stroller that is for puppies, potty pads, a few toys, some bath towels, a blanket or 2, his medical records, a leash, and a color. He is also registered as a service dog but she has not had the chance yet to take him to be trained for that. His middle tag that he wears around his neck has a couple of cards one that has a picture of the owner and him and one that has a picture of just him. He also comes with some vitamins, a seasoning for his dog food, some Omega-3 vitamins, also food bowl water bowl a mat to place his food and water Bowl on and possibly more.

Born 12-8-17


Emily's Puppy From Her Previous Litter

Prince Carlisle  (Dad)

Lavinia Swire (Mom)

Sir. Frederick (Dad)

Born 5-28-18

Lavinia is a rare color known as Red/Cream or Wheaten. Lavinia Carries 2 copies of the "e locus" gene which is responsible for producing the Red/Wheaten/Cream colors. Also because she carries two copies of the e locus that means every puppy she has will always inherit one copy of the e locus gene. To see Lavinia's Color Panel, CLICK HERE. I am offering breeding rights on these pups to preserve bloodlines for the right price. 

Born 5-17-18
These Puppies will be Miniature to Toy sized 
Adult weight up to 8-20lbs

All Girls

$2000 - 3,000

Price depends on eye color & Size

Current Therapy/Companion Puppies

Sarah O'Brian (Mom)


(Orange Collar) Rare Cream/Wheaten Parti Male

Toy - Sized (7.12-10.12Lbs Full Grown) 

Non-Blue Eyed


All of our puppies are cute and adorable and can't wait to go to their new caring and loving homes to be adored for the rest of their lives. If you are interested in any of our Miniature, Toy or T-Cup Schnauzer puppies, please fill out an application, and I will send you a deposit form. 
All of these forms and deposit options are listed on the about us page. 

* Price listed is pet price only, breeding rights are more.

* The breeder has the right to keep any puppy, at any time, from any litter, despite the age of the puppy. As long as it is not spoken for.

*All of our dogs have been DNA tested for any and all genetic issues.

We still offer an extended health guarantee that covers any genetic/hereditary issue, or congenital birth defect for the lifetime of your pet.


*Sybill is due in August

* Ms. Hughes, Isobel & Anna are due in September
* Expecting several more litters from August-October
Please contact us for more info

The Rahimi Family's

​New Mexico Bound
(Brown Collar)

 White Female

Has two full blue eyes & a super coat.

She is a large toy to small mini sized.
Charting to be 9.6-12.6 lbs full grown.

She is an absolute beauty !!


Lavinia's Puppy